The town Pribyslav lies at the right side of Ceskomoravska Vrchovina at the elevation of 483 metres above sea level. The eldest property and the domain feature of this town is the Gothic tower from 1497. The neighbouring church of St. Jan Krtitel was consecrated on 24th July 1753. Close to this church there is a former female hospital from 1692. Nowadays it is the base of the town museum and the information centre. There is a chateau as well, the rear part- the older part is built in the Italian Renaissance style. Inside of this property the firemen museum and the centre of the firemen movement are set. You can visit also ruins of the Ronov castle from 13th century. It has been built by order of lords from Ronov. The tumulus and the riding statue of Jan Zizka by Bohumil Kafka remain the great army-leader in the Pribyslav park. Also Jan Otto, famous Czech publisher (1841- 1916), can be surely ranked among the most famous significant personalities.

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Statue of Jan Žižka by Přibyslav Statue of Jan Žižka by Přibyslav
Statue of Jan Žižka
castle Přibyslav castle Přibyslav
Přibyslav - View of the city Přibyslav - View of the city
View of the city